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Photo Essay: The Walls that Speak

Universities are one of the most important institutions emanating from and catering to a civil society. Yet in many places of this world, institutions, people and the state are in a different relationship with each other. Students’ right to unionize and engage with issues facing them and people at large are often ignored. From the […]

EPISTEME 2014 is published

EPISTEME, is an annual magazine of the department of political science, Jamia Millia Islamia university in New Delhi, India. This year, the second issue of it has been published. “Is Jamia Secular”, “Politics in Universities”, “Confusion Made my Life”, “Growing with Jamia” and “Islamism and the Discourse of Democracy” are some of the pieces in this issue. The photo […]


Photography has always had mystery: captured passing time in a frame for ever. Many times we feel it late, after a long time passed. But sometimes, when the speed of change is fast, this mystery can be felt at the moment of clicking photo. Clicking smoke, was a unique and pleasant experience for me which […]

Kashmir: Portraits of loss

The Valley of Kashmir is under a protracted conflict for over sixty years and since the year 1989, an armed revolt has led to thousands of civilians falling prey to enforced disappearance, killings and torture. Despite several Human Right reports and directives against draconian laws like AFSPA which gives government forces impunity to arrest or […]

The Legacy of Ahmadinejad

Today, eight years of occupied presidential seat is vacated by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The beginning of these eight years was much different from the way it’s ended. He has left power in a situation where he and his policies are being widely criticized by people. Lets understand what is exactly going to end by Ahmadinejad’s leaving […]

“A Journey for Return” shown on Iranian TV channel 4

After more than one year working on the documentary movie “A Journey for Return”, finally it was shown on Iranian TV channel 4. In future I have to write about this movie more, but briefly, this movie is about the “Global March to Jerusalem – 2012” from the view point of a Kashmiri member of […]

Our Green Roots Gave Violet Flowers

I had such a difficult time during the last week because of the anxiety about elections in Iran and being away from it. I guess many of us Iranians were in the same situation of uncertainty about our tomorrow.  I had a deep pain in my heart, because of all events that happened and arguments […]

How big is our world?

It has been more than ten days for me in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir. Unlike my last trip two years ago which was a unique trip in one week, it was completely raining, in 2011 and I was dazzled by the beauty of the valley but this time I […]