The Legacy of Ahmadinejad

Today, eight years of occupied presidential seat is vacated by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The beginning of these eight years was much different from the way it’s ended. He has left power in a situation where he and his policies are being widely criticized by people. Lets understand what is exactly going to end by Ahmadinejad’s leaving office?

The Lagacy of Ahmadinejad

The name of Ahmadinejad appeared in media since he became the mayor of Tehran; which was his Launch pad for presidential election in 2005. His mayorship had lots of margins, as there was some doubt about how he spent budgets during his tenure. But he and his ultra conservative supporters launched a campaign to introduce Ahmedinejad as a simple, identifiable and prolific person who lives like ordinary people, without any emphasis on his credentials in managing power and governance.

Since the beginning his method of operation has largely been restricted to attack and threaten his opponents but he has been laying claims at exposing his opponents whom he kept anonymous but he has never been able to put forth valuable proof for these claims. He was always talking about some individuals and groups who have blocked capitals and are obstacle against implementing government’s decisions. But he never disclosed any names.

This strategy made an image of him as a struggler against the mafia and centers of power and capitalists. His over-confidence in criticizing all previous policies and also smart manipulation in statistics, made him a hero among the masses. Some rumors were spread about threat to his life since he had decided to take on all powers in 2005 election. Interestingly, a book entitled ‘Ahmadinejad; the miracle of third millennium’ was written by ‘Fatemeh Rajabi’.

Finally in 2005 Ahmadinejad came into power and it was time for him to show his capabilities in foreign policy. He was the only president who used all his opportunities to attend and make speech in UN General Assembly. After returning he addressed a session with a high ranking religious scholar Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, he claimed he had a ‘Halo’ around his head during a speech in the United Nations while all members of the summit were astonished at his remark. He rejected that he had said anything like that later while a video from the session was published all over the web.

He talked about elimination of Israeli regime; called Holocaust as a fiction; called UN resolutions as worthless papers which cannot affect Iran. The rhetoric he was using was pleasing many people but many were feeling ashamed.

However, his explicit statements against West and Israel, brought a worldwide fame for him especially in the Muslim world. He became the symbol of standing against the arrogance of western powers. But other side of the coin which remains unexplored for non-Iranian people is how these approaches without sound backing has put Iran into trouble.

The same Ahmadinejad during his last travel to New York frequently declared his tendency to negotiate with US. He could come to power by surfing media waves that he created himself for his support and who had a specific position in media because of his bold statements and decisions, almost doesn’t have any position in the political environment of Iran. Ahmadinejad who could make a new wave in media every week, few weeks before the election almost disappeared form media glare, as if he did not exist.

All his supporters stand against him now realizing if it was possible to justify his policies before, the the current situation made by United States sanctions on our economy which is slow and limited to dealing with oil which reduces the value of Rial (Iranian currency) down to one-third (and in a short period of time to one-forth) and caused increasing price hikes. A record like that doesn’t give any chance to defend the government policies for his supporters.


Although Ahmadinejad will leave presidential building today, but he left us with a disintegrated economy, a high inflation and unemployment, many unclear and baseless statistics, a broken relationship between cultural body and government, and a destroyed situation in international relations. As many analysts say, if the new government can work well and all other power sources help it, we can be hopeful to make our way back to where we were eight years ago.

Today is the end of the government of trial and error. It is an end to slander and libel, an end to the government of lie and manipulation of statistics. The end for cheating people by mere sloganeering and futile actions and most importantly, the end of a government in which there was no safe margin for ethic in it.



  1. munawar · · Reply

    Believe it or not in present world you have only two choices, either be colony of USA or stand against them. The people living in different countries in world are in far far bigger problems than iran is facing due to sanctions. there are different regions in different countries where people are being killed with impunity. The chastity of women is being outraged at will. Although being part of a developing country, the people long for some basic facilities like water, roads electricity. we are proud of iran because it supports the innocent people of world. the comment like iran is having sanctions and others are proud is very myopic view. It is like a person complaining of having only one normal leg forgetting the plight of totally collapsed person. It is totally materialistic approach. i have seen iran and i have realised that inspite of sanctions how far iran is better managed than our country india. I challenge an iranian to come and settle in India, get mixed with its culture, follow its rules, use common travel modes, facilities, perform your religious obligations at will, encounter larger number of beggers(the poor, although india is not under sanctions) and if he can withstand it and remain here, then questions can be raised about iran situation. See the statistics of european countries and USA, how much happy are they economically. A Britisher is compelled to skip one meal to manage fuel for his vehicle. People are forced to spent nights in their machines as they cannot afford house or house rent. Does anybody think being moderate will solve problems for iran. The first reply for moderate president was more tougher sanctions. I have found out talking to some iranian students that Iranian are highly thankless people. we have not even the half of the facilities the iranian have but we are thankful to God and satisfied. Iran has shown tremendous achievements in different fields of science and technology. Kindly look at your brethren neighboring Muslim countries. what is their worth. What have they achieved so far. Count the achievements of iran and compare them to any achievement of your neighboring country. Is there any match. Yes, if Iranians decide that want to get robbed of their resources, their achievements, their self-reliance, west is waiting for you with open arms. No matter how good or how bad Ahmedinajad was, he preserved the diginity of iranians with his rhetoric. The diginity which the most people in the comments of this article want to get rid off.

    1. First thanks for commenting on my post.
      Second, I didn’t get what was the relationship between my post and your comment. I just explained who is leaving the power in Iran and what he is remaining for us.
      I don’t know why you compare Iran with other countries like India! Talking about Iran economy is much more complex than what you are talking about. During last 8 years, we earned 60 percent of all our income from selling oil in 60 years. Do you know what does it mean? How you can compare us with India?
      The point is not if Iran has better situation than its neighbours or not. The point is where we had to be and where we are; It is about being power in hand of a group of person who are not qualified for it. It is all about burning opportunities.

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